Oasis: Chapter 7 (partial)

Before responding, I took a look around the room.

Everyone had turned to look at me. Some had their jaws clenched and scowled. A few had their eybrows up and seemed to plead with their eyes, “Please don’t make a scene.”

I knew that right then was not the time to have it out with Andy. I had to keep a lid on it until a better time.

Everyone seemed to be waiting to see what I did, so I spoke. “What would you like, Andy?”

One of the men sitting on the couch closest to Andy shot to his feet and pointed his finger at me. “That’s Mr. Mayor to you. We voted.”

I smirked, and had to suppress a laugh. “No, we did not. You voted. Now shut up and let the mayor give out his assignment.”

The man seemed a little dissapointed that I didn’t yell back and sat down.

“That’s enough, Corbin. I’m glad to see some time in the penalty box calmed you down.”

“Whatever. What do you want?”

“First off, Linda, I want you to go with the other women and and organize the supplies in the Fastmart, then get some lunch ready for everyone. Go.”

I looked back at Linda. Color was rising in her neck, but she kept herself under control. “Fine.”

The five other women timidly stood up. Most of them looked pretty scared. None of them objected to the assignment. At least not verbally.

As they entered the side door of the Fastmart, I made a quick headcount. 16 men and 6 women total. I didn’t recognize about half of the men. I suspected they weren’t really tenants, that they had just stopped by to watch the news with rest of the crowd. Or better yet, they were friends of Andy’s who had come over before the power went out. Yeah, that would just be special.

Andy turned his attention back to me.

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