Chapter 17 teaser

Yeah, things got busy and I couldn’t get the chapter done. Oh, well. I am now on track to having chapter 17 up this Friday. Here’s a teaser:

From the time I rounded the first corner, I didn’t see any more of the infected outside.

The city streets were devoid of life. Devoid of life, perhaps, but not sound.

Anguished screams echoed around me.

Unspeakable horrors were occurring across the city. There was nothing I could do to help. I wasn’t sure there was anything anybody could do, short of evacuating the survivors and burning the city.

I decided I’d be better off walking in the direction I decided was producing the least amount of noise.

The shouts and screams became more distant and I arrived at a new commercial development.

It was an open air mall made to look like a quaint European town. There were two layers of shops that ran the length the project, about two blocks. In places, there were two or three more floors of residential condos.

I sat down on the edge of a fountain in the middle of the cobblestone walkway that divided the stores.

The entire area was silent, but I knew there had to be many people hidden in the shadows, or high in one of the condos, watching me and wondering what to do.

There would be no way I could be accepted by them. With all my scrapes, bruises and limping, I looked just like one of the infected. I knew I would need to recover a little before anyone would possibly take me in.

I pulled the water bottle out of my backpack and drank. The water was pretty warm, but I didn’t care. I was definitely dehydrated by now, and I needed liquid in my system.

“D-Don’t move.”

I jerked the bottle down to see who had spoken.

About 20 feet in front of me stood a middle aged man trembling and holding a knife.

Where did he come from?



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