Some Reccomended Reading

Ok, sorry about this, it looks like the next oasis chapter is going to be late. A whole bunch of other things have come up. Hopefully, early Monday or maybe late Sunday.

However, because I know you’re just dying for something new to read, I do have a couple of suggestions.Plague Zone

1 – In the comments to my last chapter,  Glenn pointed out an author named David Wellington, who’s been doing serial novels online for a while now. He has several zombie-flavored works up, including his current serial, Plague Zone, as well as a Vampire and a werewolf book. So if horror is your thing, you definitely need to check him out.

2 – For those of you who are more into pulp type fiction, you need to check out the first issue of a new pdf only pulp called Astonishing Adventures Magazine!

Astonishing Adventures Magazine

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