I’m A Winner & Oasis Whoops

CD BrauschyI know this is old news, but James Brausch chose my post about CD Baby as the winning entry in an informal contest. Why did I win? The image I made. So what did I win?  I have no idea yet.

Just a thought on that:

I wonder if the problem is really with the distribution partner with whom CD Baby had arranged to release the winner. I wonder if they told CD Baby “We’re not distributing non-music CDs…” and by that time, it was too late to change the contest rules. So CD Baby (Derek) doesn’t want to go back on their word (for legal and/or moral reasons), and they can’t make good on their promise either.  So they stall, hoping it will all blow over. Or, in the worst case, maybe they did fiddle with the sales page/results. Either way, the problem wasn’t really dealt with.

In any case, the proper course of action would be to talk to James immediately and own up to any mistakes/wrongdoing, then make some kind of offer to appease him. Maybe he gets his cd on the front page of cd baby for the next X months or something.

The point is that the person who comes out and says “I did it and I’m sorry.” always gets a better result than the person who tries to hide the wrongdoing.

Oasis Whoops 

I figured out why I was practically the only one who could see Chapter 23. Somehow I had posted it as “private” rather than “published.” Anyway, the whole world should finally be able to see it now. And by the whole world, I mean the four of you that read it…

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