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Online Serial Fiction

Sandy Copeland left a message on a recent chapter of Oasis. Apparently Sandy is also writing serial fiction. Here’s a link to Chapter 1, Part 1 of his story. Actually, I’m not sure if Sandy is the author’s name or the just main character’s or both. What other online serials are out there?

Doc Savage WinnerDoc Savage

Congrats to Glenn. I’m sending him the Doc Savage novel “The Annihilist.” After reading it, Glenn will no longer be satisfied by second-rate action heroes (like Jason Bourne, James Bond, Batman…), although I hope he keeps reading Oasis anyway.

Red Alert

In random news, somewhere between half and three-quarters of all my spam is now coming to me in Russian.

I’m Losing My Fingernail

I shmooshed it while changing a tire for a friend. Now it’s all black and starting to come off. Just thought you should know.

Oasis In Paperback

I’ve been asked by several people if I’m going to attempt to get Oasis published. The answer is yes. I am currently planning to do a few edits after I’ve finished and then self-publish via lulu.com or somewhere similar. Unless somebody mysteriously offers some great publishing deal between here and there. (My definition of great publishing deal = pretty much anything)


My wife, daughter, and I went to two Halloween parties over the weekend. My wife used to work in a costume shop for a theater, and I’m just a nerd, so we spent a lot of time on our costumes this year. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll put up pictures of our costumes her in a couple of days.

Amusing Spam

My wife got an amusing piece of spam the other day. This is what it said:

Three houses in your neighborhood have had high amounts of spiritual activity. Our instruments show strange energy radiating directly from your home.

Please dont wait until it is too late!

***Scum-sucking spammer url deleted here***

Click Here to find out if your house is Haunted.

For some reason I just thought that was funny.

1 thought on “A Bucket Full Of Randomness

  1. Awesomeness awaits if you post your costume pics. Can’t wait to see how you all looked!

    Just got back from T-or-T with the little ones myself. Nice to see some stuff here from you!

    I like your spam better than mine. Mine’s all from somewhere in Kenya or Liberia or someplace telling me they have $25MM that I have to save for them, but it’s gonna cost me. I thought the haunted house one was funny, and different. Must be a phish?

    Take care, Bryce! Happy Halloween!

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