Halloween Pics

Ok, two quick pictures. The first is me and my daughter, Katie. She actually had a cute little Cinderella headband, but she refused to wear it most of the time. The pregnant pirate is my wife, Aurora.  The picture doesn’t really show off her pirate coat too well, though. It was awesome.

 Bryce and KatieAurora the Pregnant Pirate

Never fear, the week’s tomfoolery is over. Corbin St. Laurent will be back tomorrow, learning for the umpteenth time that life just isn’t fair.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Pics

  1. Bryce,
    Your Halloween costumes look awesome! I got the book yesterday, though I didn’t have time to start it, I’m going to read it over the weekend. Thanks again and have a great weekend!


  2. I can’t believe the talent your wife has making costumes. Her coat was extraordinary. I got to see it up close at a church function and what wonderful detail!
    I also love Bryce’s and little Katie’s outfits! You are such an awesome family!!
    Shelly Bishop

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