My wife’s moving around better, we’re getting more sleep, and things are starting to calm down. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers.

In other words, Oasis will start up again next Friday with chapter 32.

Story Hack Theme

Sometime next week, I think I’ll also play with the theme and see if I can’t make it more pulpy. You’ll have to let me know what you think.

Upcoming Fiction 

A little while ago I mentioned the free online pulp Astonishing Adventures Magazine. Well, issue #2 is slated for release next Saturday, and it’ll include a sword-and-sorcery fantasy short story by yours truly. I’m not exactly Robert E. Howard, but I hope you check it out anyway.

3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I’m so glad things are improving for all of you, Bryce. We will continue to pray and offer support to you.

    Congratulations on your S&S publication, too! Great news, and every writing cred helps! Keep up the good work, bud! I’m going to have to check them out to see if I can get something published too — it’s not my genre, but hey! A cred’s a cred, right?

    God bless. Let us know if there’s anything we can do.

  2. The magazine isn’t strictly s&s, it’s really anything pulpish – detective, adventure, horror, scifi, pretty much anything but romance, so your options are open there.

  3. Bryce, thanks for the encouragement. I checked them out after you mentioned them in your post. What I meant by not being my genre was pulp. Actually, when I was young(er), I did write some S&S stuff, but it was … well, let’s just say it wasn’t my pinnacle. 😉

    Take care, bud, and good luck! Can’t wait to read your piece!

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