Server Voodoo Happening (Hopefully) Tonight

My host is undergoing some upgrades that will hopefully happen tonight. There may be chaos in reaching Story Hack for a day or two, but everything should be green by new fiction time on Friday morning.

4 thoughts on “Server Voodoo Happening (Hopefully) Tonight

  1. Hi, Bryce! Thanks for your advice about my music transfer dilemma. I’m glad you stopped by.

    I read your earlier post about the loss of your baby. I hope you’re getting through all right.

    Have a wonderful day, Bryce.

  2. Just re-read my earlier comment, and I regret that it seemed flippant. I apologize, as it wasn’t my intent. I really wish you and your wife the best. It can’t be easy.

  3. Sherri – No problem. I didn’t take it as flippant. We can still be friends.

    Everybody – the server thing didn’t happen correctly (or at all), so I’m still on the old system. I’m not sure where the hangup was. But it’ll happen fairly soon, so don’t think I’ve quit if the site is down for a day sometime in the near future.

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