‘Tis The Season?

I really don’t know what I could say about these photos that would match my feelings. This is a house in my neighborhood. Sorry about the fuzzyness. With the flash on, it washed out most of the fun. With the flash off it got blurry. And it was way more creepy and awesome at night than during the day.

Merry Christmas, all.






P.S. This was actually last year. This year they only have up one lonely snowman. Bah Humbug.

P.P.S. And yes, there will be an Oasis chapter this week.

5 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season?

  1. I imagine after receiving their New York phonebook-sized electric bill, which had to be unrolled like a roll of toilet paper, they decided that more subtle would be better.

    Too bad, though — that was really … awesome? I don’t know. I didn’t pick up creepy, but “off-kilter” came to mind.

    Can’t wait for Oasis!

  2. The pictures didn’t capture it as well as I’d liked. They actually made the blow-up items look much better lit.

    You know how kids shine a flashlight from their lap onto their chin when it’s time to tell ghost stories? Imagine a 14 foot snowman with empty eyes and that kind of lighting staring down at you. Now imagine it gently rocking, like it might break free of its tethers at any moment and spring forward to pounce on you. Now imagine 25 of them or so.

    Anyway. I miss them. I used to drive by every day, several blocks out of my way, just to see. Oh, well.

  3. They’re cool. I love haunted Christmas stories, and I know you’ve got one built-in there somewhere. It’s really cool, and it’s too bad about the photos. Too bad they didn’t do it again too; maybe you could’ve gotten some better ones.

    Hey, I went to that eZine’s site — the one that was publishing your S&S story — but I can’t find the actual stories. If it’s been put up, maybe you can throw all of us fans of yours a bone and give us a link to your piece?

    Hope things are going well for you, Bryce. God bless!

  4. They haven’t released the second issue yet. (The one with my story) Apparently, they switched how they were formatting it and are still trying to get that to work just right.

    I’ll definitely post when they get it done…

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