Can’t Come Up With An Idea?

Do you ever want to write something, but you just don’t know what to write about? Here’s a small collection of story & idea generators.

This one will give you a one-sentence summary of a story. Example: A demigod blows up the car of an accident-prone steelworker.

This one gives you an idea in several parts. Example:The theme of this story: romantic relationship. The main characters: opportunistic marine and naive cab driver. The major event of the story: accident.

This one has a list of dramatic situations, and it will automatically choose one for you. Example: Your situation: 1. Supplication (To Humbly Peition) (Elements: a persecutor, a humble petitioner, and a power in authority whose decision is doubtful)

This one is kind of a worksheet to generate writing prompts. Click the buttons.

This one gives you three random words.

There, now you never have to have writer’s block ever again.

1 thought on “Can’t Come Up With An Idea?

  1. Thanks, Bryce! I love these things. They’re like games.

    As a side note, you may want to check out WriteItNow; it’s a piece of writer’s software with idea and character generators built it. I haven’t tried it yet because I haven’t really had time, but I’ll fool with it some before long. Might even buy it someday if I ever get back to work again.

    Hope your celebration was a happy one and God bless, bud.

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