I’m A Little Slow Today

OK, so I got up about 6:00 am this morning to finish up this week’s chapter of Oasis and my three year old immediately follows me downstairs and begins demanding to play.

Anyway, I’m close to having chapter 38 done, but it may be tomorrow morning before I get it up. Sorry. I occasionally do have to work. (With your help, though, someday writing new chapters could be my work… 😉 )

Also, someone asked in a comment where the rest of the story is. I don’t think I’ve ever made it official so here you go:

Every Friday there will be a new chapter of Oasis until I’m done. How much longer will that be? I’m not quite sure, still. Probably another couple of months. Corbin’s still got plenty of zombie-bashing to do, and trouble to get in. Just keep checking back every Friday. And of course, tell your friends.

2 thoughts on “I’m A Little Slow Today

  1. Bryce,
    Don’t sweat the delay in the story. Family first. They’re only little for so long and when they get older they don’t always want to spend that “quality time” with you. Enjoy your family and the weekend.


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