Bart Vs. The Banana

Here’s something to keep you occupied for about a minute.

Have you ever been in a heated discussion about “which would work better in a fight?” You know – Taikwondo vs. Kenpo, rapier vs. katana, AR-15 vs AK-47. Or perhaps “who would win?” – Darth Vader vs. Captain Kirk, Superman vs Spiderman

Well my brother would like to illustrate such a conflict and answer once and for all:

“Who would win, a guy with a sword, or a giant killer banana?”

My brother’s the one with the sword.

You are welcome. Yes, I told him he should add exciting music.

4 thoughts on “Bart Vs. The Banana

  1. Great fight! Nail biting to the last, but Bart pulled it out just when I thought the banana was getting the upper hand.

    Hope you’re trip’s going well!

  2. I can only think of a silly poem I read as a kid:

    Here lies the body of Anna
    Done to death by a banana.
    It wasn’t the fruit that laid her low
    But the skin of the thing that made her go.


    Glad you’re having a nice vacation!

  3. ummmm Bart, sorry does make you look silly..but in a GOOD way! Good stuff and glad to see you didn’t get your butt kicked by a piece of fruit. Could you have really lived with that on your conscience?

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