Plinking With The New Guns

Please excuse my poor video editing (and marksmanship).

We went shooting last weekend, here’s some “highlights.”

Aurora shot her brand new Kel-Tec PF9 for the first time. She wasn’t quite ready for the recoil, but by the end of the day, she was shooting much better (I probably should have gotten video of that, too…)

Mike just bought a Springfield XD 40, so he needed to put a few rounds through it and make sure it works.

I am still breaking in my Smith & Wesson M&P Compact 9mm. (Awesome gun).

My brother Bart, his wife Raquel and Mike’s dad whose name escapes me came along, too.

I’d also like to publicly apologize to Bart for making fun of his need to practice in the video. Also, the black rifle you see in the video is his Mossberg .22.

Mike’s dad brought the 50 caliber black powder rifle that Aurora shoots at the end. He also brought a fun revolver that shoots the 22 magnums. I forgot to get video of that.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

4 thoughts on “Plinking With The New Guns

  1. Bryce,
    Looks like once you get the gun broken in, you should have some truly MAD skills with it! Keep practicing, you never know when the next zombie apocalypse might happen 😉

  2. I’ve gone shooting many times throughout my life, but only recently learned how to hold a handgun the “right” way. So if you’re out there, thanks Austin.

  3. My neighborhood would actually be a pretty good place to be during the breakdown of civilization. Virtually all of my neighbors have more/bigger guns than me. Plus we’re pretty much all into food storage. We’ll just continue as we were while the rest of the world scrambles to survive… 😉

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