Fountain Of Youth

Part of my real job requires me to go to West Yellowstone on a semi-regular basis. About ten miles out of town is a place which my father has always referred to as “the fountain of youth.”

Every time I go to West Yellowstone, I stop at the fountain of youth. While stopping, I often talk to other visitors. A great many of them also refer to it as the “the fountain of youth.” So many people just can’t be wrong.

There you have it. I have done what the conquistadors could not. I have located the fountain of youth. It’s on Highway 20, just on the Idaho side of the line. There is a sign that says “Howard Springs Wayside Area,” but now you know the truth.

And speaking of youth…

Yes, I know I’m a mooch.

July 1st is my birthday, and if you have the means and desire you’re welcome to buy me something off of my Amazon wish list. Of course, no hard feelings if you don’t.

My Wish List

At the very least you need to visit and leave a “happy birthday” message (On July 1st, not now…)

And tell a friend about Oasis…

1 thought on “Fountain Of Youth

  1. Wow, I could sure use a sip of that. With my luck, though, it’d revert me to a diaper-wearing infant and I’d be eaten by a bear.

    Nice photo though. See you on July 1 for those special wishes … 😉

    Can’t wait for Friday’s Oasis episode, either. I’ll be sad to see it close out, but happy to see go to print! 🙂

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