Thoughts On Rejection

I came across an article written by an editor about rejection.

If you’re an author, I strongly suggest reading the article. Especially the 14-point list of reasons this editor rejects manuscripts.

I’m not really afraid of my work being rejected because I know it’s just a part of learning. Plus, I have a Plan B. That being said, Oasis is currently undergoing editing. My goal is to have it done and submitted by the end of August. It’s a lot of work, I’ll have you know.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts On Rejection

  1. Editing IS a lot of hard work. We’ve done Ghost Hunters once already, and are gearing up for the 2nd go-round.

    Good luck with yours! Do you have a query letter drawn up already? That’s one thing we still need to do yet.

    I put the link up on my Writers Nesst page.

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