Oasis In Progress

A couple of my real life friends keep asking me when Oasis is going to be published. I always tell them “As soon as I finish editing it.”

Well, assuming there’s anyone out there that cares, I’ve got two useful meters in the sidebar.

They match my process:

Line Edits – I’m going through line by line looking for typos and other errors.

Final Read – I’m reading Oasis out loud to my favorite editor (my wife, Aurora). Reading aloud helps me fix those nagging little phrasing issues and allows me to give things a nice polish. I hope.

3 thoughts on “Oasis In Progress

  1. I love those meter things!

    We do the reading aloud thing too – it seems to really help Darc a lot with smoothness of dialogue and what-not. We want to do 2nd edits soon – and then query letters I think.

  2. I love the percentage bar on the side ;P… I hope you polish it up very well.. good luck, and e-mail me when you get a few billion dollars k?

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