Apparently I’m Obese.

Well, crap. No more grilled, stuffed burritos at the Taco Bell for me (at least for a while.) I weighed myself and punched the numbers into a BMI calculator the other day. Apparently I’m now “obese.” When did that happen?


It’ll help now that I take my bicycle to work everyday. And I’ve stopped eating sweets.And I walk during lunch.

In about 7 lbs or so I’ll be back in the ‘overweight’ category. That’ll be nice. It’s like another 30 lbs after that until I’m in the “normal” or whatever they call it range. I doubt very much if I’ll get down to that weight.

Sorry about the rant. I’m just a little upset about it all.

…in other news:

I Am Legends

I was waiting to watch the movie and read the book until after I finished Oasis. Well, Oasis is done, so I figured I’d better get on that. So I did.

The book.

I enjoyed it. I didn’t quite see the end coming, and I thought it was a great idea. I was sorry the book itself was so short.

The movie.

I saw the end coming. Both the theatrical and the alternate endings, actually. But at least I got to see the Will Smith I’m-sad-but-I’m-going-to-tough-it-out-like-a-man frowny face. I’ll have to get a picture of that so you can see what I mean.

I’ve got to go watch the old one with Vincent Price now.

4 thoughts on “Apparently I’m Obese.

  1. Don’t worry too much about your bmi. Those are very inaccurate. For an “accurate” reading, you have to go to a doctor and check. Everyone’s bone structures and family lineage is different- so a bmi calculator where you only punch in a height and weight isn’t gonna be telling you fat. Anyways, don’t worry bout it too much.

    P.S. Hated I am Legend. Ending was too….. bleh

  2. Don’t forget about Omega Man. I own all three and really like the original Last Man on Earth with Price and Omega Man the best. Felt I Am Legend was a little forced and not as in depth as the others.


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