I’m so glad the weekend is over.


The Good:

  • I got another big section of the fence that I’m building in our yard done.
  • My wife and I went out and saw Iron Man. (Loved it)

The Bad:

  • Our TV finally gave up the ghost. It’s been on the fritz since last winter, and it finally refused to turn on. I suppose I should be happy it took that long to die. At least I don’t watch that much TV.
  • My car door went from very difficult to close and open to impossible to close at all. Yay! I get to go to the junkyard and hope they’ve got a rodeo like mine that I can pull a door off of.
  • We had a storm (this was nice) followed by killer wind that blew off the one peach we had on our new peach trees.
  • My bicycle was stolen out of my garage. This sucks, because the bicycle was a birthday present, which means it was only a month old. This sucks twice because I’ve been commuting via bicycle to work for the last month.

I’ve never wanted to come back to work so much.

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