Thoughts On Editing

As I go through Oasis making the necessary edits, it is interesting to see where I’ve grown as a writer. There’s a lot of times that I just want to start over and write the whole thing again.

Anyway, as I keep up the proccess, I need constant reminders as to what I am supposed to be doing when I edit. Otherwise I just get into the story and start dreaming up the sequel. One way to get these all important reminders is to employ google and find editing checklists and such around the net.

Here’s the most recent one that I’ve read. Self-Editing

None of the things in the article are new or revolutionary. Just good reminders.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts On Editing

  1. VERY good reminders. Thanks, Bryce.

    I hope it’s going well. Please let me know if I can help at all. My wife and I are pretty good editors, we think. 😉

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