I think I was born 70 years too late…

Seriously. Sometimes I think I was born 70 or 80 years too late.

I mean, I listen to music like this.

I dance like this (this is actually how my wife and I met). Ok, and I can’t dance that fast anymore.

I love movies like this:

I read literature like this:

I’d rather listen to this than watch a tv show:

Of course, if I was born back then, I’d never get a chance to play on the internet and meet all you nice people…

2 thoughts on “I think I was born 70 years too late…

  1. Those were the days, weren’t they? I mean, the clothes … the cars … the hair … the shoes … ah, me. It was better then, in a lot of ways. That whole depression thing aside, and lacking the medical technology it required to keep me alive, and the lack of air conditioning which I find a VITAL portion of lifestyle — it’s a pretty sweet time to dream about. 🙂

  2. The 40’s were cool – the 30’s had their moments too. And man, I love that swing dancing! That’s awesome that you and your sweetheart can do that!

    Still, I’m glad to have the opportunity to know you. Even if it is in the “aughts”. 😀

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