Need something to watch/read/listen to?

I’ve recently discovered a couple of dvd/book/cd trading websites, and I’m now busily trading away all the media I’m done with and getting new stuff. If you’re interested, check them out.

Swap Tree

Swap Tree lets you trade items at a one for one ratio. The system will work out 3 way trades for you.

Switch Planet

Switch planet has a “switchbucs” system wherein you can “sell” your old stuff for switchbucs(points), and then use those points to buy stuff from other members. I signed up for this one , because they allow you to trade DVDs without the case. And most of mine have been in a big folder for a long time. They also have nice “Social Media” features, groups and friends and such. If you do sign up, my username is bryceb, feel free to “friend” me…

In other news

If you need to waste a few minutes, go read about Mall Ninjas. Shrine of The Mall Ninja

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