The last of the unfinished novel…

[Author’s note: OK, here’s chapter 3 and all that was written of chapter 4 of the novel a friend of mine and I started 10 or so years ago (links to the first few parts are on my other works page). This is where we stopped. Once again, all grammar errors, typos, and bizarre phrases were left intact for posterity. Next Friday we’ll start back with recent stuff. In other coincidences, he was living in Wasilla, Alaska at the time we did this. I wonder if he or his family knows VP nominee Sarah Palin.]

Chapter 3

Again he looked over the reports from the crime scene. The information from Johnson’s chip was nothing but garbled nonsense. Darrien spun away from the console, and stormed to the window, slamming his fist on the glass in disgust.

Below him the city was quiet, one or two cars drifted in and out of the streets. He watched as a man dressed in worn coveralls went about picking up empty cans and other odd debris that might bring him a few cents, maybe even a meals’ worth, down at the recycling facility. In a way he almost envied him. How simple. How easy. But then again how empty it must be to live only for ones self.

Ahh, but who was he to judge. Truly, fading happiness didn’t depend on wealth or status, rather only a kind soul and a giving hearty Perhaps Darrien was looking at the happiest man in the world, he smiled at the thought.

There was a buzz from the door and it slid open revealing the head of division 13 Commissioner Vector.


“Some one to see you Lt.”

Another man appeared in the doorway. He was tall, and thin. Armani adorned his slender frame from head to toe.

“Lt. Xavier this is Commissioner Hortac from Division Seta.”

Darrien reached across the desk to shake the Commissioners hand. He looked so unusually old for a policeman, but Division Seta was the president’s own, and only took veterans. Maybe this was the break Darien had been waiting for.

“We need you to drop the Johnson case.”

Then again maybe not.

“What?” This time it Commissioner Vector spoke, “You’ve gotten yourself into something out of your league Lieutenant.”

Darrien was getting a little desperate, this wasn’t the kind of assignment he could just turn over on a dime.

“Vector, you’re excused. Thanks for your time.”

The Commissioner turned and left.

“Why? Who? How?”

The old man smiled. “Your a good officer Xavier., you have an excellent record, one of the best. In fact as far as I can tell you’re the best cop in Division 13 . Almost nine percent of their income comes from your arrests.”

Confused, Darrien sat back in his chair.

“Over the past few months there we’ve received rumors of a planned terrorist attack on the president of the United States.”

“So what else is new?” “Right well, we wouldn’t be pursuing it if we didn’t have substantial proof to it’s validity.”

”And Johnson is tied up in the whole mess somehow.”

“Correct, as the good Commissioner was saying, you’re out of your league, and into ours. We’d like to keep you there.”

“Come work for you?” “Don’t Worry Lt. Your case will be turned over to Captain Halloday, he’s a good man, One of the best! In fact l’m sure that with you as his new partner I won’t have to worry about the president’s life, at least from this danger.”

“Can I at least have some time to think about it?” “No I’m afraid you can’t….”

“In that case. when do I report for duty?”

“Clean out your office, and go home.”

That night, Darrien packed his personal belongings from his office, and got a ride home from Sgt. Simons. Upon reaching his apartment, he looked into the retna I.D. scanner, and the door slid open. Darrien dropped his box of personal stuff.

All of his things were gone.

The room was completely empty.

Chapter 4

Empty, that is, except for the man who was looking out of Darrien’s window. Darrien ripped his laser from it’s holster.

“He1lo Mr. Xavier.”

“Don’t move! ” Commanded Darrien.

“Hold on there, don’t get all exited…”

“Where’s all my staff?” “It’s been moved to your new home.”


“Let me explain.”

“Turn around slowly.”

“You see, I’m your new partner, Captain Halloday.” He slowly turned around, and for the first time, Darrien got a good look at his partner. He was roughly 10-15 years older than Darrien. He was wearing a trench coat, and puffing on a cigarette.

“You do know those are illegal, right?”

“Sorry.” He took it from his mouth, threw it on the floor, and stamped it out.

“Let’s see some I.D.”

Halloday took out his ID card and showed it to Darrien. Upon seeing this, he put away his gun.

“Let’s go Darrien”
the end…

2 thoughts on “The last of the unfinished novel…

  1. Too bad! Just as the plot thickened like a fine New England chowder!

    Well done, despite the weaknesses, which you could easily clean up and make this workable. It’s not bad at all. I enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. Wow! That’s trip. Weird reading something that you once wrote and wondering what was going to happen next. I think it gets weak towards the end, random and disjointed, but all in all I think its probably THE BEST THING EVER WRITTEN! CHA!

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