Wwaow, Another POD Self-Publisher

A Storyhack reader mentioned a new (at least new to me) POD self-publishing company called the Worldwide Association of Writers. (wwaow.com)

I just tooked a look at wwaow.com (pronounced wow! {click the link, you won’t be sorry}) and here are my thoughts.


Their pricing structure seems really high per copy. I backed out the numbers with my elite algebra skills and it looks like they charge $5.31 base price plus 3.85 cents a page. Lulu.com is less than $5 base price and 2 cents a page. Playing with their (wwaow’s) calculator, for me as an author to make $1 per book sold of a 400-page paperback book, the retail price would be 21.76. That seems really, really high. However, hardcover is only $2.00 more, where on Lulu it’s like $14  more to be hardbound.

Of course, you can always go with createspace. $1.50 + $0.02 per page is the printing cost.

I’m just not willing to pay $23 for a paperback novel, and I wouldn’t expect many folks to by mine at that price, either.


You don’t get any form of real distribution with wwaow, you just get listed on their online store.

Other options out there can allow you to be listed in busier internet stores. For example, Lulu recently made one of their global distribution services free, so your book can get listed at Amazon, border’s, barnes and noble, etc. Lulu does have some bizarre (forced to be high) pricing when you go with their now free distribution package.

Of course createspace gets you automatically listed on Amazon.

File Prep

Wwaow takes .doc files and pdf files, with the pages set to your choice of book size (6×9″ or whatever). I couldn’t see any rules on margins or gutters. Also, Wwaow doesn’t charge extra for images in your manuscript.

Setting up the Book

The wizard to upload files and set upyour covers was straightforward and simple. They’ve got a cover wizard if you don’t want do design your own graphics.

You have to order 5 Copies

When you set up your book, you have to order 5 copies to get things rolling.


When you set up your book, you don’t choose the price directly, you set the royalty percentage you want and they mandate the price. Wwaow pays directly to your Paypal account (useful). However, you have to use the email adress you use to set up your wwaow account to recieve the payments…


Wwaow is fairly easy to use, but their pricing is way high, although they at least seem competitive for hardcovers. As of now, I won’t be using it if I ever self publish Oasis. (or any other works…)

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