Chaos and Decisions

It has come to my attention that I have too many projects going on. I just had to scale back.

The biggest thing you may notice is that I won’t be posting new fiction on Fridays until I’m done with the line edits of Oasis. It’s been too long. I really need to get that sucker finished and published. The exception will be this Friday, as I post part one of a story that I intend to finish once I’m done with the edits. I already stopped posting to one or two of my other blogs.

The edits won’t take very long if I just focus for a minute.

Just so you know, here’s what to expect from me.

  1. Part one of story this Friday.
  2. Posts about editing and my progress in Oasis.
  3. Oasis in softcover.
  4. Finish short story from #1.
  5. Oasis sequel time, baby. I’m tentatively calling this one “The Journey of St. Laurent.”

I am freaking excited to get started on the the sequel to Oasis. I’ve got some great stuff planned. We’ll get to meet Corbin’s estranged father. We’ll find out just what the heck aliens have to do with anything, and whether they’re really aliens at all. We’ll meet a bombastic conspiracy radio show host. And of course, we’ll witness the breakdown of society as we know it. It’ll be fun!

I am down to two three side projects that I’m still going to pursue.

  1. A commercial project to help folks use a POD publisher to self publish their work, whether it be fiction or non-fiction. You’ll definitely hear more about this one soon.
  2. Another project’s still in the planning stage, but it should excite all the zombie-loving lunatics out there. I’ve been working with an artist buddy of mine, and we’re putting together a Zombie-Smashing web comic! We’ll release it one page at a time (a la megatokyo or apple geeks). It will not be based off of the Oasis series of events. It’s a totally new setup. If we can get this thing to fly, it’ll be a kick.
  3. I’ve got a great political thriller story brewing. I would like to write it as an hour to an hour and a half audio theater, and produce it, and bring about an audio theater renaissance in America. But then I’d also like to write it as a novel. Maybe I’ll do both. I just can’t decide which to do first. Or whether to do it before the Oasis sequel or after…

I really need to find a way to make a living doing this kind of stuff…

4 thoughts on “Chaos and Decisions

  1. I agree, you DO need to make a living doing it. Me too. Let’s try for it, shall we?

    And are you SURE I can’t convince you to at least TRY to get Oasis into the hands of a traditional publisher? I mean, just try?? It’d SOOOOO be worth it. Dood.

  2. Well, the first three polished-and-shiny chapters are currently on the desk of someone at a traditional publisher, and I’m waiting to hear back. However, I am perfectly willing to self publish my buns off, sell a couple thousand copies, and then approach a large publisher and say “See, I rule. You should publish me.” And then they’ll shovel my trunk full of gold coins and precious jewelry.

  3. You guys just figured this out? I’ve got so many story ideas running through my head that I could write constantly. Only problem is that little thing called a paycheck. Hopefully once we all get something published maybe things will change! Bryce have you tried Permuted Press? Oasis would be right up their alley!

  4. I’ve been in contact with Permuted for various things. In fact, I just wrote a praise blurb that’s appearing on their new release of Tony Monchinski’s Eden. Just click the “Look inside” button and look at the back cover.

    Anyway, I think they’d be perfect for Oasis, too.

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