One Last Christmas Music Post

OK, I’ve been sick and not feeling like posting much. Anyway, here’s a couple more recordings for your holiday listening enjoyment. And check back later today – I’ve got big, big, big news.

I Saw Three Ships

Katie sings for a bit, and then this recording features me on clarinet and me singing.


Download I Saw Three Ships

Merry Christmas Darling

My wife on vocals & piano.I’m glad I’ve got her around.


Merry Christmas Darling

Katie’s Christmas Impromptu

My daughter Katie making up a Christmas Song as she goes. As a father, I feel compelled to tell the world how cute my daughter is.


Download – Katie’s Christmas Impromptu

Silent Night

My wife on guitar again, with everybody singing.


Download – Silent Night

There, I think that’s enough for one year.

In case I forget to say it again, Merry Christmas everybody.

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