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Well, yesterday I got my first really scathing review of Oasis on Amazon. 1 star. My favorite part of the review says:

This book is like a $0.69 cent bean burrito from Taco Bell. It will dull your hunger for zombie brain bashing if you’re really in a fix, but it will not satisfy.


Oh, well. There’s no accounting for taste. If Stephen King can be a self-proclaimed literary Big Mac, I guess I should be proud to be a burrito. Oddly enough, the review didn’t even dampen my spirits much. I know my book isn’t a 1. It may not be a 5 either (btw, thanks for the two of you that did give me a 5 – you guys are awesome), but it’s definitely not a 1.

Anyway, my book was ranked yesterday at #62,167 today at #49,655, the highest I’ve seen so far. While that may sound at first like a totally crappy rank, consider the fact that Amazon has like 10,000,000 books. Even if there are only 2 million, that puts me ahead of 97% of the other listed books.

So thanks everybody for all your support!


Oh, yeah, and I still think I’ll be able to get chapter two of The Journey Of St. Laurent up tomorrow.

1 thought on “Oasis Updates

  1. Yeah, everyone’s a critic, huh? Let’s see that reviewer write a zombie book if they’re so hot.


    Glad it didn’t sting too much, Bryce, and I can’t wait for chapter 2.

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