An Epic! announcement.

I recently traded emails with Kevin P. McDonough, who is the editor & publisher at Inkie Publishing.


We discussed the upcoming launch of Inkie Publishing’s first endeavor – Epic! magazine. This might be a great opportunity for all of you who would like to see your name (& fiction) in print.


(not the real cover; I just made this one up.)

Here’s the skinny

What made you get into publishing?

The major influences that lead me to publishing were the conglomeration and commercialization of the publishing industry as well as what I perceive as a decline in recreational reading by the general public.  Basically, I want to ensure that there are good, well written stories by independent authors available on the market.

What makes good fiction?

To me, good fiction is about simplicity and captivation.  Obviously the story, the characters, and the setting all need to entertain and captivate the reader.  I think that a lot of fiction lacks the simplicity, both in the story itself and the writing used to tell the story.  Unpublished authors frequently seem to miss this point.  In general, fiction doesn’t need to be, nor should it be, wordy, profound, or "academic".

What made you decide to publish pulp-styled fiction?

Pulp fiction is one of my favorite styles of fiction and covers a wide range of genres from hardboiled to horror.  Because of the short format of the style and the relative openness of the market (plenty of unpublished writers and lack of saturation by publications) I feel that it represents an open niche with plenty of available readers.  What could be a better reason to publish pulp fiction than the opportunity to feature great stories by yet-to-be-famous authors in a market with plenty of readers?

What is EPIC!?

Epic! is Inkie Publishing’s debut publication, a quarterly digest of pulp fiction short stories and sub-novels (novelettes, novellas, serialized novels, etc.).

Is it going to be digital or print or both?

Initially Epic! will be print only.  It will certainly have some digital teasers and other non-story content for each new issues and the plan is to offer back issues in a digital format.  One of the major objectives for starting Epic! is to encourage the recreational reading of short stories and sub-novels in a physical media, so I don’t foresee full digital releases any time soon.

What is your vision for EPIC!?

Long term I would like to see Epic! become a monthly publication, a springboard for new/upcoming authors, and a favorite haunt of more well known authors.  I would like to see the new writers that are featured get the exposure needed to go on to publish more works and have more well known authors submitting works as a way to stay creative and connected to the "underground" fiction market.

What kind of stories are you looking for?

Epic! is open to nearly all genres of fiction.  Obviously the more broad reaching pulp fiction type stories such as hardboiled/noir, sci-fi (no "syfy" though please 😉 ), fantasy, action adventure, horror, etc.  Epic! is also open to non-fiction pieces that are related to other works of fiction (book reviews, author interviews, etc.).

How long would you prefer them to be?

For works of fiction there is no strict guideline for length, however, anything under 40,000 words would be a standard submission.  Submissions are open for everything including micro/flash fiction, short stories, novelettes, novellas, and even shorter novels.  Anything over 40,000 words would most likely be serialized across multiple issues.

One of the editors at Astonishing Adventures Magazine jokingly said that any story that had a monkey in it would be more likely to be accepted. Do you have a special soft spot for any particular type of story?

I tend to enjoy reading horror and hardboiled pulp fiction the most, no monkey needed.  I have a slight soft spot for "folk tale" type horror in particular, if I were to come across a good story with a Chupacabra I might just have to accept it!

Why should authors submit to EPIC!?

Authors should submit to Epic! because of the tremendous opportunity and resource that it represents to them.  Epic! is just as much about the writers as it is the readers.  Inkie Publishing is an independent publisher, we don’t have the limitations of the larger publishing houses (shareholders, major overhead, etc).  This means that Inkie can work more closely with authors at ensuring that they get published and can publish a much wider variety of works than large publishing houses are capable of carrying.

Where can they learn more about your submission requirements, etc.?

The Inkie Publishing website ( contains everything an author needs to know about making a submission as well as an online submission form for when they are ready.

Thanks Kevin, and be ready for my submission.

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