The Self-Published Carnival #1

The first edition of the Self-Published Carnival is finally here! Thanks to everybody who submitted. I hope we can make this a great resource for self-published authors.

Self Publishing

Natalie Wickham over at Journey to Self Publishing took a humorous look at the Top 10 Reasons to Self-Publish.

Ron Pramschufer took a more serious look at whether or not it’s a good time to self publish. During these bad economic times, do you still think it’s a good time to self publish a book? He also gives a good step by step overview of what it takes to “traditionally” (not POD) self publish a book. This one comes from Publishing Basics.


Ten Great Ways To Promote Your Book – Each of the ideas on this list are worth at least a post of its own. Using #9 has generated more sales for me than anything else I have done to promote Oasis.

Peter Jones presents Marketing Your Book to Libraries: General Rules and Guidelines for Authors, Writers, and Publishers posted at Bauu Institute and Press. Getting my book into my local library system is now on my to do list.

Kathleen Gaga has been exploring using social networks for marketing on her blog Street Smarts Marketing & Promotions. She learned a couple of things not to do while getting banned from Facebook. Check out Confessions of a Facebook Reject! and I was banned from Facebook…but why? for the whole story. This month she also sought to answer the question Is Twitter useful or a waste of time for authors? She also sends out a warning. Are you guilty of annoying others via social networks? I get like four hundred Facebook invitation things a day. Most of which come from two or three people. If those three people ever had anything important to say, I’d miss it completely. I’m okay with someone sending an occasional request, especially if they thought about it and decided that I might actually be interested. I just don’t care what Mid-80’s hairstyle or which season 4 episode of “Friends” I am.

Jeanne Anderson also has some thoughts on using twitter. Is Self-Tweeting Selfish Tweeting? One Blogger’s Twitter Journey at The Writer in Me – Teaching, Writing, Living.

If you are interested in using twitter in your promotion, Kelly over at pointed me to a list of 50 Useful Twitter Tools for Writers and Researchers.

There was another marketing idea about Using Webrings to Promote Your Self-Published Book over at Self Publishing Advice.

April Hamilton at Publetariat talked at length about the pros and cons of using Google book search. Her conclusion, and I agree with her, is that it is good to get your book in front of as many new folks as possible. Why Google Book Search Is A GOOD Thing For Indies

Alison had another good Facebook related idea with How to Create a Book Launch Party on Facebook | Christian Publishing Tips posted at Christian Publishing Tips.


Mind mapping is one way to plan out a book, whether it be fiction or non-fiction. Burak Bilgin over at Distiller’s Corner writes how to Explore Your Creativity with Mind Maps. I use XMind (free) when I feel like doing a mind map.

Self Publishers

Lulu vs. CreateSpace: Which Is More Economical For The DIY Author? – A while back I wrote an article comparing CreateSpace and Lulu. While surfing the net, I came across this great article also contrasting the two services. It’s well worth the read if you’re looking for a “free” POD self publisher.

Self Published Books

Here’s the word on a self-published book. Checking out what’s being done out there can give you a good idea of the quality you should shoot for, and maybe give you some ideas. If you have a self-published book, be sure to submit it for next month’s carnival.

That’s all folks!

That concludes the first edition of the self-published carnival. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the self-published carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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