What Happened to Friday?

Sorry about the no new fiction on Friday. I’m back on track for this Friday.

It’s not why I didn’t post, but I found out about another poopy review on Amazon on Friday. If my ego weren’t so huge, it probably would have really hurt. So if you get a minute, I’d appreciate it if you (yes you) would go on to Amazon and leave a more fair review to balance it out… Assuming of course you’ve read Oasis. I don’t need to cheat.

I’ve got lots of exciting things on the way, though. I was just got finished being interviewed for a popular podcast, I’ve been working on an audio and video trailer for Oasis, as well as a couple other things.

Thanks for all the support, you guys.

2 thoughts on “What Happened to Friday?

  1. Yikes, that was harsh. I’ll try to make my way over there and leave something better.

    Sorry some people can’t remember the adage “If you can’t say something nice …” The world MIGHT be a better place if they did.

  2. I don’t mind it at all when folks have actual criticisms. I mean, I saw a review on another site that made what I thought was a very valid point. But she still didn’t just give me a one and say “You suck, Beattie!” She merely said exactly what it was that she didn’t get and didn’t like, then gave me a fair grade.

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