The Self Published Carnival #2

Almost Famous Edition


Last month I reviewed a new resource for authors called ( Review) Sometime during the couple of days that followed, I showed up for a heartbeat on the “Most Viewed Authors” list at #2 – right under marketing guru Seth Godin. I drank it in, for it will almost certainly be the last time I am ever on a list with Selth Godin, and even more certainly be the last time I show up on a “Most Viewed Authors” list.

Enough tomfoolery, let’s get on with the self publishing stuff.


The Digirati Life mentioned how prevalent self-publishing is becoming, and how there are two members of her close family that are self publishing a book this year. Book Authors Among Us had an interesting article about the changing world of self-publishing: Self Published Authors and New Self Respect.

Natalie at Journey to Self Publishing blogged about different Printing Options for the Self Publisher.


Do you have a hard time getting up the gumption to market yourself? One Minute How-To has up a podcast episode titled How To Build Confidence In Your Self-Promotion Skills.

How well is your online marketing going? April Hamilton had a guest post on Editor Unleashed titled How to measure your online success. She mentions watching for online chatter, which I think is a great idea. It helps you find communities and websites where it might be beneficial to stop by and say hi or hold a giveaway for a couple of your books. She specifically mentions who’s talkin to search social media websites only. Another good way to see what folks are saying about you is to use google’s Alerts application. It will automatically let you know whenever new references to the search terms of your choice (i.e. your name) are found.

Peter Jones at the Bauu Institute suggested something else you can do to help your book along – prepare some material so a book club could use your book. 6 Tips For Creating Book Club or Reading Group Discussion Questions. All you have to do after that is, you know, find some book clubs.

C.F. Jackson presents How To Promote A Self-Published Book Online posted at Website Makeover Workshop. She’s put up a video to help get you started building traffic by using social bookmarking. She also asks a question worth answering – Who Is Your Audience?

How do you plan to get new readers for your work? It doesn’t just happen. It’s something you need to consider. Tiffany Colter recently posted an article on the writing examiner that lays some groundwork for establishing a readership in Getting readers to pick you.

One excellent way to gain readers is by releasing some form of your fiction for free. There are several authors that recently got picked up by major publishers who have done this. You can hear one of them, Seth Harwood, explain what he did to get readers (and thus court a publisher) on another episode from the One Minute How-To. The episode is titled How to Build Your Online Author Fan Base.  I may try out Seth’s main idea for my next book.

Patricia Fry at Matilija Press suggests you Go to a Book Fair and Train as a Public Speaker.

Kelly at Self Publishing Advice put up a list of resources you can use when looking for places to promote your work. Publicity Tools for Self-Published Authors. She also pointed out a “Hot or Not” for Self Published Books.

Self Publishing Companies

Great little tool – Brian Astbury pointed out this calculator for comparing Lulu and CreateSpace pricing

Fiction Writing

Jon Bard at  Children’s Writing Web Journal posted a couple of writing exercises to keep your skills sharp. See Point of View, Voice & Character Descriptions. He also suggested some resources to help Add Realism to Your Writing.

Courtney Vail posted a whole bunch of writing exercises during May – one for (almost) every day of the month. There’s lots of good ideas here. May Mania ~ Stretch #1, May Mania ~ Stretch #2, May Mania ~ Stretch #3, May Mania ~ Stretch #4, May Mania ~ Stretch #5, May Mania ~ Stretch #6, May Mania ~ Stretch #7, May Mania ~ Stretch #8, May Mania ~ Stretch #9, May Mania ~ Stretch #10 , May Mania ~ Stretch #11 , May Mania ~ Stretch #12 , May Mania ~ Stretch #13 , May Mania ~ Stretch #14 , May Mania ~ Stretch #15 , May Mania ~ Stretch #16 , May Mania ~ Stretch #17 , May Mania ~ Stretch #18 , May Mania ~ Stretch #19, May Mania ~ Stretch #20, May Mania ~ Stretch #21, May Mania ~ Stretch #22, May Mania ~ Stretch #23, May Mania ~ Stretch #24, May Mania ~ Stretch #25, May Mania ~ Stretch #26, May Mania ~ Stretch #27, May Mania ~ Stretch #28,

Have you ever thought of co-authoring a book? The Crafty Writer interviewed a couple of friends that recently self published a book. Find it here: Co-authoring: when two become one. Randy Ingermanson also wrote an article on this subject for his newsletter. It’s called Coauthoring Without Murder. The link goes to my repost of the article (with permission) here on StoryHack, as you have to dig through the newsletter .txt file to find the article.

I saw a tweet to this list of Free Online Writing Courses. I made a similar list a while back. There’s lots of excellent info out there, but remember – you have to write or you’ll never get better.

Non-Fiction Writing

Joshua Seth gives some ideas on How to Write Your Book in a Month.


Publitariat had a nice collection of links to editing resources earlier this month. Focus on Editing. I especially liked Five Common Grammar Errors as Illustrated by Zombies

That’s About It For This Month

Do any of you have any self-publishing success stories? I’d love to hear them.

Also, If you are interested in having your blog play host to the Self-Published Carnival some time, let me know.

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