Q10: My New Favorite Text Editor

I have remained faithful to JDarkRoom for a long time now. Every time I wanted a full screen text editor, I knew exactly where to go.

However, A short while ago I began cheating on JDarkRoom. Today I dumped it entirely. I’ve found a new full screen text editor. A sexier full screen text editor. In fact, it may very well be my favorite software for writing fiction, period. (And I include in that group Text Tree, which I wrote)

So what could possibly cause me to boot my beloved JDarkRoom* to the curb?



Things About Q10 that I Love

  • Spell Checker with out annoying squiggly lines – the as you write spell checkers are “cool” but they always break my concentration. Q10 had an old school, go-through-the-whole-document-at-once checker.
  • Adjustable line spacing, paragraph spacing, and first line indentation. This makes the text very readable on the screen.
  • Adjustable everything else, too. It’s super easy to change fonts, colors, margins, you name it.
  • Timer – much less intense than the Write or Die timer, but you can still set alarms. You can make sure you write your hour or 15 minutes or whatever a day.
  • Live word count updates.
  • Typewriter sounds. I have no idea why, but I’m enamored with these. You can turn them off in the preferences if you really think you need to.
  • Notes. Any paragraph that starts with a .. is a note paragraph. You can list the notes separately and skip to them in the text.

Thing you may not like about Q10

  • You are going to have to learn some hotkeys. If you’re like my dad and only feel comfortable using menus at the top of the screen, you’re out of luck. Good news, you only really need to know a couple before you’ll have it down.

5 most useful hotkeys.

  1. Ctrl-Q = exit program
  2. F1 = help
  3. Ctrl-S = Save File
  4. Ctrl-O = Open a file
  5. Ctrl-P = Preferences


I love it. If the idea of a distraction-free full screen text editor appeals to you, this one’s the best I’ve come across.

Q10 homepage

* In my mind, there’s only one thing JDarkRoom has that Q10 doesn’t: cross-OS compatibility. Q10 is windows only.

5 thoughts on “Q10: My New Favorite Text Editor

  1. Q10 DOES rock don’t it? Casbah rockin’ rocks. Love it. If it had a window-mode option it would be my all-time favorite text editor ever.

    But I’ll keep Dark Room around for that reason. Sometimes, I want just a window.

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