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Sheesh, it hasn’t been two weeks since I dumped my long time full screen text editor JDarkRoom for Q10. Now I may very well have to switch again. I happened (via Twitter) across yet another full screen text editor that does everything I think it should. This one is called Write Monkey.


And boy, oh, boy, is it ever worth checking out.


  • Full screen and windowed mode. (DarcKnyt should like that.)
  • For those who fear hotkeys, everything is available via the right click menu. But it does in fact have hotkeys as well.
  • Fully customizable interface.
  • Really groovy export functions. If you use markup like *bolded text here* or __underlined text here__, you can have write monkey export to html, and it will insert the proper tags to make your text bolded and such. Is there another full screen editor that does this? See the help online for a full list of markup options.
  • Timer/progress bar. This one is at the top. It shows a simple word count, you can have a word count for the current writing session added, and you can put a timer on it as well.
  • Spell Check.
  • Typing sounds – you have to enable them in preferences –> misc tab.
  • The bookmarks/paragraphs navigator is cool.


  • The website is ugly.
  • The timer doesn’t ring, pop up a dialog, or anything when it hits zero. It just becomes red and continues counting as a negative. It is nice to watch the timer count down, though. It give a little feeling of urgency.
  • I can’t figure out what the repository is. Maybe someone can help me out with this… Wait, nevermind, I just checked out the features page on the website. Make the repository a pro. It’s where you store notes about your main document.


  • Windows
  • .net framework v. 3.5 or better

Will it become my new favorite? I’m not sure yet. I really do like the look of bottom bar of Q10, and most of the options in Write Monkey are available in Q10. I’ll do this week’s chapter in it and see where it takes me.

4 thoughts on “Another Fantastic Full Screen Text Editor

  1. They must’ve improved WM since last I tried it; it came up short again Q10 and DR in my testing, and I never wrote it up.

    Now I’m off to try it again!

    Thanks, Bryce!

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