Oasis Twitter Giveaway

I’m in kind of a giving mood today, and I have a fresh copy of my action/adventure/pulp/zombie novel Oasis just sitting around. I’d like to give it to somebody. Even if you already have a copy

How to Enter/Rules

  1. You must have a twitter account
  2. You must tweet about this giveaway
  3. Your tweet must include 2 things: a link to this post and the hashtag #oasisgiveaway
  4. I’ll only count one entry per user.

*edit* Here’s an example: my tweet to announce the giveaway

#Win a #free signed copy of pulp action adventure #zombie #novel Oasis. – http://bit.ly/kmsWg – #oasisgiveaway

I’ll pick at random then announce the winner on Friday (June 19, 2009), so you have until Friday morning sometime to enter. I will also attempt to notify the winner via Direct Message on twitter.

I’ll then send the winner a signed copy of Oasis. I’ll sign it to whomever you want, so if you already have a copy, and you want to give this one to your brother I can eerily mention the time he wet his pants in the fifth grade (or whatever you’d like me to mention) in the inscription.

If you don’t know what Oasis is, check out the Oasis website:


or see Oasis on Amazon:


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