The Self Published Carnival #3

I started doing the Self Published Carnival as an experiment. Is anybody out there finding these useful? How could the self-published carnival be made better?


Self Publishing

Jennifer Ferroland from Jen’s Writing Journey sought answers this month to the age old question – If a Book Is Good, Does It Matter How It Was Published?

Want to know where to self-publish your work? Timothy Pontious from The Pencil Place wrote a great list of POD publishers. Publishing Comparisons (POD vs POD). (Thanks to Publitariat for pointing this out.)

Here’s a great reminder from Patricia Fry at Writing and Publishing News: Your writing and your publishing are two separate entities. When you self publish, you’re really building two skills. Read her article The Business of Authorship.

On Publitariat, Alan Baxter wished that he had started selling ebooks sooner. Free Books And Ebooks And Promos, Oh My!

S.M.D at The World in the Satin Bag issued a Reality Check: The Average Consumer and Books. I agree with his sentiment. Self published or traditionally published, if you expect to earn any real money, you have to earn your fans and readers one by one until you have an awful lot of them. You can’t expect readers to flock to you – even if your work is great. You have to put in the hours and the effort to get your name/face/presence in front of people.


Jon Bard over at Children’s Writing Web Journal offered a Smart Promotion Tip for Children’s Book Authors.

Peter Jones at the Bauu Institute has another great article, this time about setting up book signings. Seven Tips for Book Signing And Author Writing Events

Tiffany Colter continued her series on getting readers to pick you at writing examiner with How Readers Decide What To Read and Presenting Yourself Well (Which happens to be good advice to everybody, not just writers.)

Morris Rosenthal over at Self Publishing 2.0 showed us how he used a YouTube video to boost the sales of a non-fiction book. Book Video Drives Book and eBook Sales Increase.

Natalie from Journey to Self Publishing posted some Tips for Sending Press Releases. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time.

The Creative Penn pointed out a few Lessons You Can Learn from Scott Sigler, Author and Podcaster. Sigler has been very successful, so it’d be a good idea to at least know how he did it.

Anne Leedom had an article on Publishing Basics called Online Publicity: Economic Survival Tips You Need to Know. There’s nothing new here, but sometimes we need to hear things many times before we actually do them.


There was another article on Publishing Basics, this time by Patricia Fry, with a vital reminder: Yes, You DO Need an Editor.

Jon Bard at the Children’s Writing Web Journal has a short video with 5 Ways to Improve Your Manuscript. (Hint: edit your work)


John Bard had a a couple of interesting ideas for using wordle. Unique Tool For Writers: Wordle

Self Publishing Experiences

I posted an article from Kate Lord Brown about her experiences self publishing a book of blog posts. Vanity Fair?

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  1. Hi Bryce, Thanks for the mention – I find these type of posts very useful as they give me lots of links for Twitter! I shall tweet this!
    Thanks, Joanna

  2. I’ve had the first carnival opened on my tabs ever since you posted it because it looked great and I wanted time to go through it thoughtfully. I finally did so today and now am catching up on these other carnivals! They are incredibly helpful – a very nice collection of posts related to self-publishing! I hope you continue with them.

    I’m also going to add your blog to my blogroll, if that’s okay. Thanks for the great info!

  3. Who the heck is Ryan? I don’t even have anyone named Ryan writing on The World in the Satin Bag :P…could you please change it to S.M.D.? And thanks for taking my article :D.

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