No Journey Today.

I had some things come up that didn’t allow me to get this week’s chapter of “The Journey of St. Laurent” done. Sorry. If only my day had a couple of extra hours in it… I may be able to write/post it over the weekend, but no guarantees. If you want to know the second it does go up then subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow me on twitter.

If you’re just dying to read something today here’s a couple of thoughts-

My secret other project is getting closer to launch, too. It’s for all my author buddies.

I’ve been playing with 5 second fiction recently, too. You can read more of these by searching #5secfic on Twitter. Anyway, the idea is that you write a story in the space of a single tweet. You should try it. It can be amusing.

Here’s some recent #5secfic nonsense I’ve written:

  • #5secfic "Lots of folks have insect collections." Bill told Daria. He then proceeded to place the cockroaches on her face, one by one.
  • #5secfic "Just think, Jim. How many people have jumped that ravine on a skateboard?" Twenty seconds later, the answer was still zero.
  • #5secfic Chuck pulled a copy of "The Very Best of Cher" from the shelf.He laughed at the fools that settled for only the "Best of Cher."
  • #5secfic Bob opened the washing machine to find the laundry goblins dancing around a burning sock. He closed the lid and went back to bed.

2 thoughts on “No Journey Today.

  1. While I’m bummed there won’t be another roaring adventure for my favorite haggard nurse, I’m completely flattered at the shout-out referral. Thanks, Bryce, and I hope things aren’t hectic in a negative way.

  2. i am hooked. i started reading online zombie stuff about a month ago because i was mad about not having any new zombie movies. this is one of my fav’s. can’t wait for more!

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