A while ago I reviewed a self-publishing company called Wwaow. A shorter while ago, they underwent some major changes by switching their name to UniBook and tweaking their business model. Here’s the press release they sent me, which I meant to post, but never did. Until now.


UniBook.com Announces Free Self-Publishing Service

UniBook has launched a revised website that allows authors to write and publish their own books without any listing or start-up costs. Authors retain ownership of their copyrights and earn money on the sale of each book sold on the website.

In contrast to other self-publishing systems that often charge their customers hundreds or even thousands of dollars to publish books, UniBook takes a different approach. “When we surveyed our customers we found that many of them felt that charging for uploads or forcing authors to pay for services or products they didn’t want was a predatory practice,” said Matthew Coers, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing North America. “Or goal is to offer a solution that maximizes flexibility and minimizes costs for the author.”

While UniBook’s pricing has always been among the lowest in the industry, the recent changes eliminated a prior requirement that authors purchase at least five copies of their own books. The new system allows an author to upload a book at no cost, or purchase a single proof copy prior to making the book publicly available.

About UniBook: UniBook is a brand name of Peleman Industries Inc.  UniBook caters to the self-publishing needs of writers, businesses and government agencies, and is currently available in 10 languages servicing Europe, North America and Asia.  For more information, visit www.unibook.com.

My experience

When I got this, I promptly went back and checked them out. That’s when I clued in that they used to be Wwaow. Their website was easy to use, and I didn’t have trouble signing up for an account or anything. Since UniBook is now free to publish a book, I decided to give it a go. The pricing still did not look fantastic for paperback book printing when compared to CreateSpace or Lulu. However, the pricing was still excellent for hardcovers. It costs an extra $14 or so to upgrade to hardcover on Lulu.com, and CreateSpace has no hardcover options at all. It’s only about $2 more to go from softcover to hardcover on UniBook. And as I already had a novel ready to go, I decided to set up a hardcover release of Oasis.

I had other things going on that day, so I promptly forgot that I had set it up and never did order a copy for myself.

I have a Google alert set up to notify me when Google finds my name on a new website, which is also a pretty great tool for anyone from online universities name-checking themselves to people like me who like seeing where they’re popping up across the web. Yes, I am that vain. Plus, it’s nice to know what people really think about me… but I digress. Anyway, I got a Google alert for my name that pointed to a very nice review of Oasis on the UniBook blog. (Thanks UniBook!)

And so I was reminded that I should really mention UniBook here on the blog.

Oh, and when I do get in a copy of the hardcover, I’ll let you know about the quality thereof.

The pros

Easy to use. Easy to publish. Good pricing for printing hardcovers.

The cons

I found the cover design process to be restrictive. Also, you don’t get an author discount when ordering copies of your book. You still get paid your royalty, though, so you do get that money back. It would be nice if they could streamline that and just give the author the discount up front.

The conclusion

I think putting your self-published book on UniBook is a good thing to do. It’s free, and you’ve already worked out the layout and cover files so that you could publish elsewhere, right?

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  1. I’ll have to check these guys out.. I’d been running my HCs though lulu (long ago moving my paperbacks to CS) due to the kinda nutty costs. Lulu HCs have been only selling to… well, family and the more hardcore collectors. My lulu HCs aren’t in the ISBN system, (why bother??) so if Uni can do a better job/price, I’ll move all 3 of my books to them… hopefully the file formats are the same…. not that a conversion would be the end of the world.

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