4 thoughts on “Book Trailer and Website up for “Journey…”

  1. The video is very good, Bryce; sharp and nice narration. You didn’t stumble or stammer at all. I could’ve pulled that off. I only have one teeny, tiny suggestion, but it’s probably too late at this point: I thought the trailer didn’t really get into your book as much as laying out some interesting points in UFOlogy. That’s fine, but it’s about your book, and should point to the book, IMO. Just a suggestion.

    And I thought the cover looked good; I’d shrink the biohazard symbol a little to better fit in the eye, but it looks good regardless of my untrained and untalented eye.

    Bravo on BOTH!

  2. They’re both really good. Love the biohazard sign on the alien’s eye! I wonder if it’d be better with the eyes switched though? Then the biohazard sign would be on the light side and the red dot in the dark. The whole visual interpretation I’d get from that is that the aliens are all seeing, (like the red dot is a piercing gaze through the dark,) I’m in two minds about the size. If it is left larger than the eye you could interpret that this means the virus is over taking intelligent life.

    Please note, these are just observations and musings..

  3. P.S I hope you got my brother’s permission, I’m pretty certain that picture is based on his passport photo!

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