Submissions for Micro Flash Fiction Magazine

Submissions are now closed. Thanks to everybody who submitted.

If you’ve been around for a while, you probably know that I love the idea of self-publishing. Well, I recently came across a magazine POD printer. I’m itching to try it out, but I’d like to do a fun, worthwhile project . Micro Flash Fiction magazine is what I came up with. I’d like your help.

Micro Flash Fiction

Micro Flash Fiction is a one time experimental magazine containing very short stories. It will be visually appealing, amusing to read and be perfect for short bathroom stays or display on a coffee table.

What I want

I want one-time non-exclusive print publication rights to some very short fiction that you’ve written. You keep the copyright. I’m looking for 3 categories of stories: 140 Character (a tweet length), 140 word, and 1,140 word fiction.

What I don’t want

  • Anything you don’t actually have all the rights to. No funky fan flash fiction, por favor.
  • “R” rated stories.
  • Non-fiction.
  • Things that would be illegal for me to print.

What I’ll Pay

$1 per 140 character story – I’m looking for 16 of these. Don’t think it’s possible to write one that short? Check out this post or search twitter for #5secfic for examples.

$1.50 per 140 Word story – I’m looking for 6 of these

$3 for a 1,140 word story  – I’m looking for 2 of these.

Along with your story, I’ll print your name and website url.

If you’d prefer exposure over cash, I’d consider putting in a full-page ad for something you’ve written or your website or something. You’d have to provide whatever images and such you’d like to use. And I probably won’t trade a whole page for a single 140 word story.

I know it’s not much, but I’m just doing an experiment, and it’s coming out of my pocket. And then you can tell all your friends that you’ve been paid to write. Sorry, I’m not going to be able to afford to send out an author’s copy for this. I’ll be happy to send any interested contributor a copy of the pdf I’ll use for printing, though.

How to submit

I’ll be accepting submissions through email. Put your name, pen name (if applicable), your website url (if you’ve got one) and your paypal email at the top of the email. Then go ahead and attach your entries.

You can put your stories in the body of the email or attached as a .txt document.

Feel free to submit as many stories as you like in your email, as long as you’re reasonable. (I don’t want to read through your notebook of 150 flash fictions.)

Send your submissions to


Submissions will be open until at least Feb 2, 2010 (extended to at least Feb 9, 2010 until I cut them off). Submissions are now closed. Thanks to everybody who submitted. Watch the blog for details.

11 thoughts on “Submissions for Micro Flash Fiction Magazine

  1. Wow, this sounds interesting. I’m sorry I missed it the first time around. If you want I can pimp it on my blog too, when I get a chance.

    How many entries for each category do you have?

    1. Oh, there’s not a full category yet, and I’m not adverse to picking several from a single author. I just didn’t want it to be all me.

      And all pimping is appreciated.

  2. Sad for me to hear that the submission for Micro Flash Fiction are now closed. Well I’ll just gonna wait for your next submission. If you will still have.

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