Some Fiction Promotion Links

I recently came across this post over at ErgoFiction: What is web fiction?

It mentions a few directories where you can submit submit links to fiction you’ve posted on the web.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a little more exposure to your work, check these out.

  1. WebFictionGuide – First sign up for an account, then sign in, then go to the submissions page.
  2. Muse’s Success – First sign up for an account, then visit the contribute page.
  3. Web Fiction Directory – Register here, then login, then submit madly away by going to the category page for your submission and clicking “Add your listing here”. This one has categories for flash fiction, short stories, novelettes, and novels.

Also, I’m still in need of at least a couple more 140 word stories for Micro Flash Fiction. And I suppose a couple more 1140 worders wouldn’t be too bad. And I still have room for some 140 character ones, too.

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