Here are the problems.

Yes, I know I never got to posting last week’s chapter.

Here’s the problem(s)

  1. Well, she’s not a problem per se. But her lack of consecutive hours of sleep can be. For the last week-10 days until two nights ago, my six month old decided to sleep for no longer than an hour and a half at a stretch. And if she ever awoke and saw that it was dark outside, she’d become very sad. (I guess that’s why she was screaming.)
    But dang it if she isn’t the cutest thing in diapers.
  2. I would have finished last night, but we were watching three of my sister-in-law’s girls last night so she and her husband could attend the Michael Buble concert in Salt Lake. Of course, if there was any fairness at all in the world, I still wouldn’t have finished the chapter – because I’d be at the concert. I was a Buble fan since, like, forever ago, and they just barely discovered him.
  3. I’ve been reading “Techniques of the Selling Writer” again, and I’m liking it even more this time. (plus, it was already my favorite book on writing.) The problem with that is I’ve remembered all manner of things I should be doing. Just bear with me here, though. Long term, it’s going to make my fiction way more awesomer than before.

That being said, I can almost guarantee a chapter this week. It’s already 1300 words long and it’s shaping up nicely.

Oh,and happy April Fools Day. I wish I could have come up with an amusing trick to play on you all. Maybe next year.

2 thoughts on “Here are the problems.

  1. Yeah, maybe next year we’ll get a nice, April Fools-y joke. That’d be just groovy.

    No, they’re never “problems” really, but they CAN present … um … challenges, can’t they? Heh.

    You really don’t need to post apologies. It’s free entertainment, we’re lucky to have it — and at this quality? Pff. Please. You should be charging us.

    😉 Happy Easter if I don’t hear from ya first.

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