Question on ISBNs

I got a question from a guy named Mark over the weekend.

Could you answer a question for me? If I used a free ISBN at a printer like lulu, and I later decided to have the same book printed elsewhere, would I still be allowed to use that ISBN, even though Lulu owns it, or would I have to get a different ISBN for the same book now?

The answer: If you are using Lulu or CreateSpace and you are using their free services, then you cannot take the ISBN with you if you get it printed anywhere else. They own the ISBN. If owning it is important to you (& you’re in the US), you can buy an ISBN through the upgraded services at Lulu, or you can go obtain your own. There’s a big discount if you buy more than one.

So if you do want to buy an ISBN straight from the “Manufacturer” you need to visit:

Again: buying two single ISBNs costs the same as buying a block of 10.

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  1. This was very helpful as my friend is actively seeking the same answer. It might be expensive to begin with, but I personally feel owning your ISBN outright will benefit you greatly going forward.

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