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I love getting comments here on the blog. It makes the world a little less lonely of a place. It helps motivate me to stop being lazy and write. Thank you to all of you who regularly leave comments. You guys are the best.

To encourage comments a while back I installed a “dofollow” plugin that removes the nofollow attribute tag from the links in the comment section. How should that encourage people, you ask? Well, when Google (& other search engines) is figuring out how to rank your site, it counts the number of links pointing to it. If a link has the “nofollow” attribute, then Google doesn’t count it. I’m fine with giving your site, dear reader, a little link love. I don’t even care if you use your keywords instead of your name. (Google likes that even better)

What I don’t like is when people come by and post something generic without ever reading a post. Quite often these comments smack of flattery, “Great post}! i know you are the best writer. your post is well written and i think i will bookmark this site and share to my friend .. have a nice day :)” The trouble is that Most of the time it’s clear that the commenter never actually read anything.

Sometimes the comments are indeed amusing as well. My favorite so far has been, “I have downloaded and seen your attachment.” I’m not sure what exactly that was supposed to mean.

Sometimes the comment looks like a real comment, but further investigation shows that the commenter has merely cut and pasted a block from another comment. Several people have attempted to “plagiarize” DarcKnyt this way, because he always leaves such good comments. Kudos to DarcKnyt, and boo on you comment stealing jerks.

So here’s the deal – if you are just stopping by because you have a software tool that searches for “dofollow” blogs, make sure you at least read an entire post and then add to the conversation in the comments. As long as you are not linking to something distasteful, pornographic, or illegal, I’ll leave your link intact. If you just leave another, “this site is really good site. I found all of my needs of story from this site. this site has lots of information that i need.” Then I will mark your comment as spam and call you names behind your back, because you are a bum.

That is all.

5 thoughts on “Commentary on Comments

  1. Like all people everywhere, they all seek to be like the Knyt. 😉

    Spam stinks, don’t it? I’m not even sure it’s a person; it might be a series of bots. Or is that less possible than I imagine?

    Good on you for killing them. Now we can write demoralizing and humiliating stories about them.

  2. Is it okay if I plagarize DarcKnyt? After all, what’s his is mine! LOL 😉

    Seriously, you put up some great info on here, things that were I a writer would benefit me a lot. I can see how Darc has utilized some of the stuff you’re provided, so I know it’s good.


  3. This site meets my needs. Click here for cheap Viagra.

    Seriously, though, spam sucks. How ’bout a story about sentient spam bot trying to escape the control of its evil master?

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