Well, it looks like the motherboard to my computer is fried. That makes me unhappy. At least I’ve been good about backups.

You know what else makes me unhappy? The government.


Recently, President Obama (or at least whatever staff member has keys to the account) tweeted the following:

A vote against the DISCLOSE Act is a vote to allow corporate and special-interest takeovers of our elections.

If you ask me, a vote for DISCLOSE is a vote to allow politician takeovers of our corporations. Why might that be bad? Well, if the politicians really knew anything about business, they’d be able to run the government so that it showed a profit, not exponential debt.


3 thoughts on “Crash

  1. Oh man, do I ever know your pain! My MB crashed over a year ago now. 🙁

    As for this current administration … well … you know what they say when you can’t think of anything nice to say.

    In this case, I’ll make an exception! This administration is hellbent on destroying our country as we know it, and making it into some 3rd world backwater. Special interests (ACORN) have already taken over elections and a stop needs to be put to that. (Can you say Senator Franken? Gag me!)

    Obama is a communist through and through, just like his terrorist friend Ayers, and he’s doing all he can to force through his agenda.

    Okay, / my rant!

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