Weekend & Prepping the Test

My wife’s grandmother passed away late last week, so she packed up the girls and headed for Seattle. You’d think I’d be able to get more writing done over the weekend. Oh, well, I was busy extracting honey from my beehives, texturing a ceiling, and I had a bunch of church responsibilities on Sunday, plus I had to work in a quick visit to my month old niece.

Also, you should congratulate me. As of Saturday (it only took 11 years) I am officially a college graduate. Go me!

I didn’t get everything into last chapter that I wanted, so I’m redoing it with minor edits on the part you’ve read and then doubling the length. So there will something new to read on Friday.

Now, about the WordPress Plugin.

As I mentioned, I hate the way browsers print, so I had to find a different way for folks who want to print off each week’s chapter and read them. My solution: automatic generation of ebooks. Right now the plugin can automatically produce a pdf and an epub of a post. I just installed the plugin and I’ll be testing it with my very next post (about 5 minutes from now.)

3 thoughts on “Weekend & Prepping the Test

  1. It worked great, and now that I’ve read THIS one, I see how goofy my question on THAT one is. Disregard. šŸ™‚

    Congrats on the graduation, the niece, and of course my condolences to your wife for her loss.

  2. Oh my. Please accept my sympathies on the loss of your grandmother-in-law. And please extend my condolences to your wife and daughters.

    And woo, go you indeed on finishing those college courses and getting that degree! Way to go! Will you be having a graduation party?

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