The Ballad of Oasis

Book trailer? I don’t need no stinking book trailer. I’ve got a book ballad.

The Ballad of Oasis

I wrote the lyrics (in about 5-10 minutes…). The music and performance was Shawn Rupp. I’m really happy with how this one turned out.

If you found this page from elsewhere and have no idea what this is about, Oasis is my zombie novel.

If anybody cares, here are the lyrics:

:Verse 1:

One hot desert night
with infected needles
The terrorists stabbed
about a hundred people

Later in the hospital
there was a horrible sight
The victims awoke
with an urge to bite

:Verse 2:

The military showed up
quaranteened the town
they set off an EMP
and took the power down

zombies wandered the streets
yeah they were running wild
They were super strong
and in no way mild


Now the city is being overrun
so lock your door and load your gun
one litte outbreak and now we’re done
its a horrible infection

Now Oasis is in Crisis
Because of the zombie virus

:Verse 3:

They holed up as best they could
but there was nowhere to hide
Because it was hot indoors
and there were zombies outside

And then the tempers flared
‘cuz folks can’t get along
they fought amongst themselves
and did each other wrong

:Repeat Chorus:

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