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Yay for author interviews! Today we have Rachel M. Hunter.Rachel4

Tell me three things about yourself you think everyone should know and one thing that almost nobody knows.

Three things, eh? Well, for one, I love the outdoors (assuming the weather is warm, as I hate the chill). If I could, I would spend all day frolicking amongst Nature’s glorious bounty. Well, maybe not actually frolicking, but I would be doing several activities, including kayaking, biking, and mountain climbing. I can think of no better way to connect with oneself than through the elements, Nature’s gifts.

Secondly, I am probably the most random person I know. Seriously. I can go from talking about something as mundane as the weather (and truly, I don’t find the weather that mundane; it’s quite fascinating, really), to something completely different and unrelated, such as conspiracy theories, cyborgs, or Einstein’s theory of relativity. And Joan of Art is not such a bad topic either. Oh – and the universe: space travel, time continuums, that sort of thing. See? I told you I was random. Refrigerator.

Thirdly, I am an author – a ‘wordsmith’. Truly and absolutely. I have two poetry publications to note; a recent short story publication, titled, Perfect Nothing; and my recent fantasy novel release, Empyreal Fate, which is ‘Part One’ of my Llathalan Annal series. Yep. And there’s more on the way: fantasy, steampunk, poetry, and otherwise.

Goodness – now for something almost nobody knows? Well, I am highly nostalgic. And I mean highly. In fact, I have various newspapers and newspaper clippings of random events that have happened during my lifetime. And know where I keep them? Under my bed. But they’re nostalgic for me – just like the Nintendo 64 I keep in the other room. And my GameBoy Color with the ‘Pokemon Gold’ game still inside the slot in my top dresser, beneath the socks. And that art book from when I was ten… pressed between my novels on the bookshelf. Oh, my friends, the list goes on and on…

I see on your website that you go to the University of Oklahoma. That’s where Jim Butcher (Dresden Files) got his degree in writing. How come you’re not studying that? πŸ™‚ (The University of Oklahoma also publishes my very favorite writing book of all time – “Techniques of the Selling Writer” Just FYI)

Really? Jim Butcher went to OU? I actually did not know that. *Googles ‘Jim Butcher’* Well, what do you know! Here is an interview where Mr. Butcher says so himself: Interview. Hm. I learn something new every day. And I was not aware of “Techniques of the Selling Writer” until now either. Maybe I should interview you next, Bryce! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, to answer your question, I am not pursuing a degree in writing, for I do not think there is any single way to write or to write well. I’ve always loved my English classes throughout the school years, but I never liked the aspect where we’d be assigned an essay in which we had to write in a certain style, and if we did not adhere strictly to that style, the paper was ‘wrong’ and points were docked. No. Rigidity in writing was – and is not – my style. I let the Muse guide me as it will, and I write what feels… well, right. I write what the characters whisper in my ear. Besides, I like helping people too much – ergo my pursuit of a degree in psychology and in the medical field. The human brain truly fascinates me to no end. But I will always write on the side – oh, yes!

What are three of your favorite novels?

*grumbles* A cruel question indeed. Out of all the novels out there, and I have to chose only three? Hm. Well… I do quite enjoy The Dragonbone Chair, by Tad Williams; Pawn of Prophecy, by David Eddings; and Empress, by Karen Miller. But can I call these my favorites of all time? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It depends on my mood.

What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever gotten?

There are two, actually:

First, “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” – Anton Chekhov (Basically, show, don’t tell)

Secondly, write for YOURSELF. Don’t succumb to the nonsense that you must write for a particular audience or write about a subject that most people are fond of. Not. At. All. Write what YOU are passionate about. Only then will the readers sense that passion in your work. Otherwise, all you’ll find are cardboard cutouts of what you want to be. Don’t write cardboard!

What’s Empyreal Fate about?

462903_10150660690470997_713230996_9573740_222916156_oAha – my time to shine. πŸ™‚

Empyreal Fate: Elves and men – on the brink of war. Love. Betrayal. Lies. Greed. An ancient evil. A dark past. Will true love conquer? Will Fate..?

Filled to the brim with forbidden love, an ancient evil, and a nation in disrepair, Empyreal Fate is a tale of riveting bravery and mortal corruption.
The land of Llathala lingers on the brink of war between men and elves, a dark history surrounding each race. Stirred by tensions of the land, a shadow of the past reemerges, taking precedence in reality and consuming the very soul of mans’ mortal weakness. Darrion, the son of a poor laborer, is ensnared in a hostile world, forced to choose between loyalty to his king or the counsel of the elves. Yet Fate has other plans in store, tying his course to Amarya, an elven royalblood of mysterious quality and unsurpassable beauty. But this forbidden connection incites betrayal from members of their own kin, marking them as traitors to the crown. In a land torn asunder, only Fate’s decree can allow such love to coexist with an ancient enmity.

Behold: A Llathalan Annal:
Empyreal Fate – Part One.

So I have one question for you… Do you believe in Fate? *Second question*…. Do you dare?

What’s up next for you?

Part Two of my Llathalan Annal series, of course! *taps fingers together with glee* Actually, I have five books already written for the series. I just need to take the time to go through edits and rewrites – and major polishes.

But, in the meantime, I am working on my first steampunk piece: a Victorian-era, dystopian, sci-fi, fantastical, all-around mechanical type of novel. If you are interested in following my blog or social media sites, I will be posting periodic updates (I’ve included various links at the end of this interview).

How many books would you like there to be in the Llathalan Annal series? Or do you even have that planned out?

Well, as I mentioned above, I have five already written (counting Part One, Empyreal Fate). However, in the process of edits and such, I may very well add more or take some away. Who knows? The Muse is seldom consistent from day to day.

How has being published changed your life?

I have not only grown as an author and individual in general, but I have met such amazing people – readers, writers, and otherwise – who have introduced me to so much more in life and in the imagination than I could ever have dreamed was possible. My life is forever changed, for creativity thrives within. And the opportunities that have come to me are incredible. I am ever-thankful to Fate, to life… to friends and acquaintances… to family. And to the Muse, which guides the innermost spirit.

What should I have asked, if only I had known to?

Why, you should have asked about my plans for world domination! I would have refrained from telling you, of course, but you should have asked all the same. It’s only proper. At least… *glances both ways* …you did know I had plans, didn’t you?

But, in all seriousness, thank you for having me here today, Bryce. It’s been a blast; and if you or anybody else has any other questions about me, Empyreal Fate, or the randomness of life in general, please – don’t hesitate to get in touch. And – even if you’re not the talkative type, feel free to get in touch anyway. Because, you know, the 21st Century demands social media. And we’re all a part of it. Frightening, I know.

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