Finding Art for New Covers

I decided the covers on my short stories need to change. I’m also planning on self publishing a few more over the next little while.

Here are the two specifically that I’d like to replace:



What I’d like is a pulpier feel with more genre-appropriate art. Also some sort of attempt at same-ness author branding. So I’ve recently commissioned a bunch of art via fiverr and artists n clients. Here are some thoughts I’ve had as I’ve been doing this:

  • Deviant art also has many artists willing to do cover art, but it is a pain to contact them one by one. Still, that’s how I found the artist that did Oasis and The Journey of St. Laurent.
  • Make sure the artist knows what the art is for and will grant you a commercial license.
  •  Look for a link to the artist’s off-site portfolio, it’ll sometimes give you a better idea of what to expect.
  •  I think I might have been better off if I had saved my pennies and commissioned fewer, but more expensive (better?) artists.
  • If you use fiverr, use their “requests” feature. That way, artists with give you bids on exactly what you want.
  • Finding clothing/pose for the artists will yield a much better result.

I put the text on these covers, but here is some of the art I’ve gotten back.






Who knows what I’ll end up with, but it is kind of fun playing like a graphic designer. And of course, it keeps me from getting any real work done, so that’s a bonus.

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