Then you can’t vote for her, either.

Politics. If you don’t like them, don’t read this post. I am going to rant for a minute. And let me get one thing out of the way- I am not planning on voting for Trump. I disagree with many of his stated policies. I find his personality grating. Do not mistake what I am about to say as support for him.

With all that out of the way, just let me say:

If you cannot vote for Trump, then you doubly cannot vote for Clinton. She embodies that which her supporters hate about Trump. If you do support Hillary, you then must either be willfully ignorant of her actions or a hypocrite.

Here are a few examples to illustrate what I mean.

The Devil you Know

I have heard from several people some variation on the following statement, “Yes, I know Hillary is corrupt, but who knows how Trump would act? I’ll choose the devil I know over the one I don’t.” To me this is like saying, “That guy over there looks creepy to me, but I need a ride, so I’m going to hop in the car with Ted Bundy instead.”

To admit your candidate is a devil from the get-go doesn’t seem like a reason to vote for her. If you can’t vote for someone because you see him as a possible “devil,” then how can you possibly morally justify voting for another person you have already admitted is a “devil?”

Why is he Hiding Stuff?

Anti-Trumpeters say “He’s hiding his tax returns. He’s hiding everything!” Well, Clinton hasn’t published hers (edit: okay, apparently now she has, thanks to my blistering rant, but the Clinton Foundation stuff is still very shady…), nor has she opened up the books to the Clinton Foundation. She’s hiding her finances every bit as much as Trump. So if that’s why you can’t vote for him, you certainly can’t vote for her.

What else is she hiding? She deleted a whole bunch of possibly damning emails. She didn’t even have a single press conference for over over 240 days! And when she did, it was with 7 hand-picked journalists who lobbed softballs. And even then her answers were evasive and rambling. There’s only two rational reasons she would hide like that: 1) She knows what questions are likely to be asked, and she can’t come up with a good answer. 2) She is not fast thinking enough to deal with the chaos ans pressure of that environment.

So if “hiding things” disqualifies Trump for you, it should even more disqualify Clinton.


There’s plenty of example of both people flip flopping on serious issues, depending on their audience. Hillary has flopped on same sex marriage, and when asked about it she said “Well, actually, I have been very consistent. Over the course of my entire life, I have always fought for the same values and principles, but, like most human beings — including those of us who run for office — I do absorb new information. I do look at what’s happening in the world.” Which is basically saying “I absolutely never change except of course I change all the time.”

Change is fine, but don’t pretend to always stand for the same values if you do.

She’s flip-flopped on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

She’s flip-flopped on NAFTA

She’s flip-flopped on The Cuba Embargo

So if you can’t vote for the Donald because he has flip-flopped on some issues, then you shouldn’t vote for Hillary, either.

Trump Lies

Well, so does Hillary. If you can’t vote for Trump because of his lying, then you shouldn’t vote for Hillary because of hers.

And as an aside, why would we accept this behavior from any elected official? Are there literally no honest people left in the world?

Violent Temper

“I don’t want his tiny hand on the big red button.” Says many a Hillary supporter, suggesting that Trump’s temper would lead to nuclear war.

Well, if having a temper should stop someone from being president, then you can’t vote for Hillary either. And yes, much of the evidence of her temper is claims made by people who have worked close to her, so they could be biased. Consider the fact that you can’t find such claims about Trump at all.

There’s ex secret service guys like Gary Byrne, Dan Bongino, and Lloyd Bulman who have since reported that Hillary is rude and blows up all the time, often becoming physical. (She threw a lamp at Bill, gave him a black eye, hit a secret service guy with a Bible, etc) Ed Klein’s book cites many people close to the Clintons who have reported the same type of behavior. In Ronald Kessler’s book about the Secret Service, he reports many more times that Hillary has been verbally abusive to agents who have had the audacity to say “good morning” to her. And there are several campaign aides now that report the same.

Again, these are all unproven he-said, she-said type accusations, but there sure seem to be a lot of them for them all to be fake.

So if his temper prevents you from voting for Trump, then Hillary’s temper should prevent you from voting for her.

Death Threats

“Trump threatened to kill Hillary! Or at least incite her murder! It’s in the public record! He’s a violent maniac!”

First off, no he didn’t. He made a joke in poor taste. Nobody goes around murdering light-haired people because they heard the one about “how to drown a blonde.”

But still, if even if you think his comments might possibly lead to violence, then you should consider the actual deaths that have occurred due to Hillary’s actions. And I’m not talking the quacky “Clinton Death List” that has been going around forever. I’m talking verifiable actions as Secretary of State.

  • Her bungling of Benghazi, which led to the deaths of Americans. Immediately afterward, she tried to sweep it under the rug and lied about what caused the attack to happen. Only after a lot of pressure did she accept any responsibility. Still, it’s hard to blame her for the actions of a terrorist. Let’s move on to worse stuff. That’s not exactly brave, strong leadership.
  • When she was Secretary of Sate, she accepted many “donations” to her charity from foreign nations. This alone was against the ethics rules of the job. Worse yet, once she got the donations, she approved the sale of warplanes and firearms to those nations. And these are not happy, friendly nations. These are places where she knew the weapons would be used to murder political dissidents and oppress women. If I sold a gun to a guy who I knew was planning on using it to murder, would I be in the wrong? You bet. She has apologetically been an accomplice to murder for her own personal gain.
  • Her meddling in Syria has helped lead to the death of over 250,000 people, and the displacement of something like 10,000,000 more. And Hillary talks about it like that’s some sort of great victory as apposed to a gut-wrenching human tragedy. 250,000 deaths. These are actual people. People, just like your neighbors, your sons, your friends. We’re talking women, children, and men. Its hard to even comprehend how many human lives that really is.

So if you’re afraid that Trump’s rhetoric might promote violence, consider that Hillary’s actions have already promoted catastrophic violence and war. If promoting violence crosses Trump off your list, then you have to cross Hillary off, too.

In the pocket of the 1%

“Trump’s a rich guy, so he’s going to give his buddies a sweet deal.” I would then invite you to take a look at some of the sweet deals Hillary has already actually given people as Secretary of State. So if you can’t vote for Trump because you think he would grant political favors, then you also can’t vote for Hillary, as she has granted them before and sure is taking a lot of corporate money as donations now.

So if not Trump, and definitely not Clinton, then who?

Hopefully you can see what I mean. If you can’t vote for Trump, then you doubly can’t vote for Hillary.

The are plenty of third party candidates to look at. Or write in this guy. Or don’t vote at all.

May all of us have the strength and wisdom to not just follow a crowd, but think for ourselves and search and find a candidate we can actually support.


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