Get Your Horrorscope Today

A while back I was going to play with building apps for android/ios, so I built a little app that generates bad fortunes/horoscopes. I never followed through on the apps, but I did build all of the text-generating stuff. It’s kind of like a hyperactive cross between a long-winded magic 8 ball and a pessimistic mad libs book.

I dug up the code while organizing my mess of a “open projects” folder and decided to put it up for all to see/mock.

Dr. Bilk’s Horrorscopic Misfortune Telling Machine

And comments/suggestions/whatever about it should go here.

Dr. Bilk, the fortune-telling scientist.
Here’s Dr. Bilk. He lives a life of science and mysticism.

4 thoughts on “Get Your Horrorscope Today

  1. Hm. I clicked it, and it did everything but generate the final horrorscope.

    Still, looks like fun. My wife was interested in building apps, too. I guess her interest waned. But I know with xamin I can build them using C# instead of Java. Maybe I’ll study up…you know, when I have that thing everyone keeps talking about called “time.”

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