#LTUE2017 was awesome.

My wife and I had plans last weekend which fell through. I was sad. And then I remembered that it was also Life the Universe and Everything weekend. So I asked her if she wanted to go, she took a look at the schedule of events, and she decided to give it a try. After all, we already had a babysitter lined up. You can’t just let that go to waste.

I’ve never been to a writer’s conference before. After attending LTUE, I’m sorry I waited so long. I picked up a ton of good tips for the marketing end of a writing carrier. I also got heaps of new insights and reminders on the craft side of writing. I made a couple of new friends and even did a bit of networking. Look forward to a couple more interviews in the coming weeks. Best of all, I came back with a renewed desire to finish some stories.

My buddy David J West introduced me to a bunch of the folks from Immortal Works Press, a new small publisher from my neck of the woods. They were all super nice.

One of the last sessions of the conference I attended was an audience participation game called “Choose Your Own Apocalypse.” This edition was Moriarty vs Umbridge vs Dracula. A bunch of the Immortal Works people are also part of a writing group called the Space Balrogs, who apparently put these on at all the local cons. I laughed pretty hard, and I’ll make more of an effort to attend from now on.

There was a session with this guy who had been in the Army’s “remote viewing” ESP program. It was real life X-Files. Super Fascinating stuff.

The biggest problem in attending a conference like this is the amount of stuff that I added to my reading queue. Now I’m never going to get through it all.

Anyway, I came home happy and exhausted. And I only made it to 2/3 of the conference.

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